As a result of ongoing R & D since the last month of 2015, our company has achieved to build a system which is completely produced in Turkey on developing aircraft simulator systems, cabin crew training and the selling of the system has been started in Turkey and other countries.

Our primary goal is to make it easy for people who use and want to use flight simulator as a hobby at home. For this reason, availability and accessibility are the most important issues for us. Our priority target is to be able to provide better quality but more affordable price than the samples in the world.

Our research on R & D continues on professional systems. Our aim fill the gap in our country and region in the best possible way. We are doing best in order to bring you new and different models.

All physical production, oven-drying operations and sheet metal bending with technologies such as CNC Laser 3D printer, PCB and software are carried out in our company.

Have a nice flight!

Cockpitturk Team